Best of bands 2016: Did You Die

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      Richie Felix Alexander is the singing, guitar-slinging frontman for Did You Die, which also features James Green on drums, Maria Turner on bass, and Matt Pappadopoulous on guitar. The band’s latest album, Weird Love, is for anyone who flew the flannel through the era of shoegaze and grunge—or just wish that they had.

      Best local release other than yours: It’s really hard to pick one album, so it’s come down to a major tossup for me. I can’t get enough of either of these albums and have spun them an equal amount of times, day after day, month after month. Twin River’s Passing Shade is a perfectly crafted, dreamy indie rock record. Softess’s Absolute Truth is not for the faint of heart and definitely a banger. I find myself feeling really uplifted when it’s on.

      The year’s best gig: DIIV with Sunflower Bean and No Joy at Fortune Sound Club on October 20 [2015]. It was a magical night and the first time I saw Sunflower Bean live! DIIV played new songs from Is the Is Are that night and they were extremely powerful live. The audience was really into both bands; DIIV had like a ’90s-era mosh-pit/stage-diving thing going for their set. The funniest thing was that when a few kids asked Zachary Cole Smith about merch, he responded that the new album wasn’t printed yet and that they had no T-shirts­­—almost as if he didn’t care/didn’t rely on merch for his band. A true slacker kid. Something we can all relate to in DYD.

      Hootsuite’s Ryan Holmes is paying. Where’s dinner? I’m perplexed as to who that is. I’m very skeptical—sounds like some tech-startup guy. But if someone wants to wine and dine us, we would like someone to take us to Nuba in Gastown [207 West Hastings Street].

      We’re road-tripping. Who’s on the stereo? For me, it would be either My Bloody Valentine’s Isn’t Anything or Nothing’s Guilty of Everything. Both albums do a really good job of documenting the vibes of the road.

      like that weeknd song, who makes you feel like you can’t feel your face? True story, and I’ve felt this way for a long time: Grant Francis Minor from Girlfriends and Boyfriends. Sexy man, and interesting fact: we went to the same arts-based high school in Mississauga, Ontario, back in the ’90s. I’d also like to note that Jen Twynn Payne from the Courtneys’ sweet voice does it for me every time.

      You’re a creative type. Where are we opening a venue? Are you familiar with these domelike structures in East Van? One of these structures was the old Yamaha motorcycle dealership on East Hastings, just east of Commercial [1756 East Hastings]. It would make for a sick venue.