Best of bands 2016: Tor

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      Taking nearly a decade to complete his 2012 debut album, Drum Therapy, electronic music producer Tor is either the world’s greatest procrastinator, or the world’s biggest perfectionist. Judging by the finished record, however, it’s more likely to be the latter. Championed by globally renowned producer Emancipator, Drum Therapy was chosen to be the first release on the star’s new label, and Tor was swiftly selected to create official remixes for groups as high-profile as ODESZA. Recently completing his second album, Blue Book, the Vancouverite continues to master the downtempo genre with a stellar collection of crisp samples and atmospheric vibes.

      Best local release other than yours: Water Water by Humans. I’ve been a big fan of these guys for years, and it’s been awesome to hear their sound progress and see them tour all over. Plus it’s a big accomplishment to pull off a 10-minute track that’s catchy as hell and never gets boring.

      The year’s best gig: Moderat at the Vogue Theatre [on May 23]. Their music has been a huge inspiration for me, and the sound, performance, and visuals that night were amazing. It was so cool to see live electronic music taken to that level. They had great stage presence, too—Gernot [Bronsert] of Modeselektor had the “Grumpy German” shtick down perfectly.

      Hootsuite’s Ryan Holmes is paying. Where’s dinner? I’d love to check out PiDGiN [350 Carrall Street]. I’m usually not much of a foodie but they apparently have great cocktails, plus I love Asian food. My friends rave about this place. If I were treated there I wouldn’t say no.

      We’re road-tripping. Who’s on the stereo? I’m a huge fan of ’90s hip-hop on road trips, so I’d have go with ATLiens by Outkast—I’ve been coming back to that album since it was first released, and it’s a classic that absolutely holds up today. It’s become a bit of a tradition that when I’m on the way home from a festival, I crank up that record alongside some other old-school hip-hop tracks.

      Like that Weeknd song, who makes you feel like you can’t feel your face? Andrea Graham, aka the Librarian. She’s been a big part of putting Vancouver’s electronic-music community on the map with her work with Bass Coast music festival, which is gaining a lot of international attention, and her incredible sets. I’ve hung out with her a bunch of times too. We camped next to each other at Burning Man with some other Vancouver music producers like JPOD and Blondtron. Good times.

      You’re a creative type. Where are we opening a venue? The big red building where they have the Vancouver Flea Market, by Main and Terminal Avenue [703 Terminal Avenue]. I could see it being converted into a multiroom warehouse-style venue. There’s a huge underground music scene in Vancouver that’s always fighting for spaces to host events, and to have somewhere like that would be amazing.