Vancouver’s Dutil Denim launches body-inclusive personal shopping service for self-identifying women

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      With so many styles, washes, and fits to choose from—what the heck is the difference between a mom and girlfriend jean, anyway?—shopping for women’s denim can be, at best, an ordeal.

      For those who flout society’s definition of what it means to be a “woman” or those who don’t fall explicitly on one side of the gender spectrum, searching for the perfect pair of jeans can be an even more daunting experience.

      It’s a predicament that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Dutil Denim, a premium denim boutique in Gastown, which recently launched 25th Hour, a complimentary private-shopping service that is tailored for self-identifying women.

      “As long as that is the gender that feels true to you,” stresses Ria Nevada, communication consultant at Dutil, by phone, “the service is for you.”

      The ongoing program allows women of all shapes and sizes to book a one-hour shopping appointment with one of Dutil’s trained denim providers after the boutique’s regular store hours.

      When booking a session online, clients may indicate their desired fit, size range, and music. Upon arrival, they will be able to browse a selection of denim that has been pulled according to their preferences, plus any other fits or washes they’d like to explore.

      Refreshments will also be provided and friends and family are welcome to come along in an effort to create a safe and welcoming environment.

      “We can see how much more enjoyable the experience is when you have the support of your friends and your family,” explains Nevada. “So we really want to change the retail experience and have it be about celebrating yourself and uplifting the people around you.”

      Personal styling, one-on-one fit consultation, and hemming and altering services will also be provided to ensure every woman finds a pair of jeans that leaves her feeling confident, comfortable, and beautiful.

      The after-hours approach, Nevada notes, allows Dutil to cater more effectively to different women’s needs and schedules. She adds that, because of Dutil’s close relationships with denim manufacturers such as Cheap Monday, Rag & Bone, and APC, the shop will be able to relay feedback from customers about the garments’ fits.

      This may help to improve the construction of jeans to better suit a wider range of body types.

      In addition to fostering a safe and supportive space for women, Nevada hopes that the 25th Hour will become a site of honest discussion, where clients can share stories with and empower one another.

      “It’s a place where you could have all these candid conversations about body issues, about unfair things are right now, and how we can better that,” she says. “It’s not just about selling jeans at night; it’s about having these genuine questions and being a forum for that.”

      Dutil Denim’s 25th Hour appointments are currently offered from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday evenings. For more information about the program, or to book a consultation, click here.

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