7 edible gifts for the food-lovers in your life

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      It's not hard finding a food-related holiday gift, but it's no easy feat when it comes to finding the perfect present for food-lovers.

      Our city spoils those with a taste for good bites, so if you're scratching your head and wondering what to pick out for food-obsessed individuals, take a look at this gift guide. 

      From tasty picks for the sweet-tooths out there, to customizable culinary goods, all the way to a verstaile lobster oil—we've got you covered.

      Here are seven edible gifts for all the foodies in your life. 

      From gingerbread chocolates to eggnog truffles, Purdys has a treat for everyone on your list.

      For the chocoholic

      It may be the oldest gifting tradition you’ve heard of, but nothing says “Happy holidays” more than a box of chocolates. If you happen to know some of the folks who are obsessed with this particular treat, one option is to indulge them with the seasonal collection from the locally based Purdys.

      They’ve been making confectionery since 1907, so you better believe that they do it well. From flavourful gingerbread chocolates ($10 for a box of six) to eggnog truffles ($10 for a box of six), peppermint bars ($6) to adorable snowman lollies ($2.25 each, $6 for three), there’s definitely something for every type of sweet tooth.

      Purdy’s also offers its signature assorted chocolate boxes wrapped in festive paper, but if you want something fun and trendy, go for its snowflake tin ($22)—a holiday-themed box filled with white, milk, and dark chocolates.

      All of its chocolate products are made from sustainably sourced cocoa, so you can feel good about giving these ethical (and tasty) gifts.

      Find them at Purdys (various locations) or online.


      Joe Fortes/The Dirty Apron

      For the edible-oil fanatics

      There’s something about dipping your food into various types of oils; it immediately enhances the flavours of whatever you’re eating.

      Take the famous lobster oil ($29.95 per bottle) from Joe Fortes Seafood & Chophouse—it’s simple but rich, affordable yet luxurious. Whether you use it for dipping fresh bread or add it into your homemade pasta creations, that added kick of flavour can take your dish to the next level.

      Without a doubt, whoever receives this oil from you will look forward to your gifts in the future. Find it at Joe Fortes (777 Thurlow Street).

      If you know a foodie who is into the simpler oils, go for Domenica Fiore's organic olive oil ($45 per bottle). It’s widely recognized as one of the best olive oils in the world, with each single-origin bottle numbered and dated—in case you want to trace when and where the olives in the oil were harvested.

      Its fresh and harmonious taste is great for bread-dipping and topping salads, or in other dishes.

      Find it at the Dirty Apron Cooking School (540 Beatty Street).


      For the fearless foodie

      For those who are always eager to try new types of food and are unafraid of culinary quirkiness, we suggest gifting the chocolate salami ($13.99) from Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store. Handmade in Langley, B.C., this edible gift is a classic Italian and Portuguese confection.

      At first glance, you may think that you’ll be chowing down on some savoury dessert, but it is actually meatless and filled with plenty of treats. You’ll taste a burst of different flavours that range from dark chocolate to toasted almonds and pistachios to candied orange peel to dried cherries.

      If you’re wondering how to devour this small bundle of goodness, simply slice it and serve with tea and cookies or add it to a dessert platter. People who receive this food gift will definitely have their taste buds broaden—they’ll thank you for it.

      Find it at the Well Seasoned store (117–20353 64 Avenue, Langley) or online.


      For the seafood aficionado  

      Vancouver food lovers who follow culinary trends will know exactly what types of foods are “hot” at the moment. Soft-serve ice-cream shops were the craze of the summer, and the latest “it” food in our city is poké—a Hawaiian dish comprised of raw fish cubes.

      There is an abundance of poké shops around town, but why not give the gift of making poké in the comfort of your own home?

      F.I.S.H. (Fresh Ideas Start Here) has created the ultimate poké kit ($24.95 for two people), which includes everything from salmon to albacore-tuna cubes to your choice of spicy mayo poké to additional protein such as scallop or ahi-tuna cubes. It also includes various toppings, such as radish, pickled shallot, sliced cucumber, masago (capelin roe), and avocado with lemon.

      If this food gift doesn’t scream gourmet, then we don’t know what does.

      Find it at F.I.S.H. (180–7515 Market Xing, Burnaby; 2959 West Broadway). 


      For the luxury-dessert enthusiasts  

      Since it’s the season of giving, it means we have the go ahead for spending a bit more, right? We all know someone who has a penchant for the finer things in life, sweets and dessert included.

      If you want to indulge that special someone, go for Ladurée’s limited edition Apsara macaron boxes ($30 for six macarons, $60 for 12). Filled with your choice of macaron flavours, the most important part of this gift is the packaging—a cylinder-shaped midnight-blue box covered in frosted crimson velour flowers.

      So whether you choose to fill it with seasonal macarons like chocolate hazelnut and blackcurrant violet or classic flavours like pistachio and vanilla, this gift will be treasured long after the sweets are devoured.

      Consider the box a work of art, which will undeniably make someone think you’re Santa for gifting it.

      Find it at Ladurée (1141 Robson Street).


      For the cheese-lovers

      To keep on with the drift of food-kit gifts, we’re going to suggest cheese kits: make your own cheese at home.

      This is great for those who love dairy products and don’t mind using their hands to get a little crafty. Consider this gift the best of both worlds, because it’ll satisfy the creative mind as well as one’s palate.

      Make Cheese is the company behind it all, and it offers various kinds of cheese kits ($29.95 to $59.95) that make cheddar, feta, mozzarella, and ricotta cheese. The little brown packages include everything newbies need to make their own cheese at home—recipes, cheese cloths, cheese salts, and more.

      The only thing that isn’t included is milk, which is easy enough for someone to pick up at their nearest grocery shop. What does this gift mean? You’ll end up with a one happy cheese-lover.

      Find it online.

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