6 kitchenware items to gift your favourite culinary buffs

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      For those who have hit the age where you start appreciating kitchenware and cookware items, you'll understand the warm and fuzzy feeling when gifted a brand-new, shiny non-stick fry pan.

      If you want to reciprocate the kindness of giving kitchenware tools this holiday season, this is the gift guide for you.

      Whether you know a knife-nut who loves to test-out shiny new blades, or an individual who loves hosting dinner parties, we have something suitable for each type of person who loves the gourmet scene.

      Here are six kitchenware items to gift your favourite culinary aficionados.

      Ai & Om Knives

      For the iron chef

      We all know at least one individual who loves to cook, and perhaps he/she is even a professional chef. It can be argued that nothing makes them happier than receiving a set of new knives, so if you have a deep pocket for Christmas gifts this year, we suggest gifting some high-quality Japanese knives.

      Chinatown’s Ai & Om Knives carries Hisamoto knives, which deliver precision, quality, and comfort. This line of knives includes a petty ($90), slicer ($229), Santoku ($139), and chef’s knife ($148), which can all be purchased individually or bundled up as a set.

      Their functions range from slicing and dicing to cutting fish, meat, and roasts. Who knows, maybe after you give this thoughtful present, you’ll be invited over for a delicious meal.

      Find them at Ai & Om (129 East Pender Street).


      Ming Wo

      For the sauce enthusiast

      For the most part, it all comes down to an individual’s cooking skills if his/her food tastes good or bad. But when you do have someone who can cook well and uses fresh ingredients, then maybe a little boost to their kitchen equipment will give the extra wow factor to their dishes.

      Sauce-making enthusiasts will definitely dig All Clad’s copper-core two-quart saucepan (on sale for $179.99)—perfect for making creamy white sauces, tomato-based concoctions, or small portions of gourmet ramen. It features a bonded five-ply construction with layers of aluminum and a copper core, as well as a cast stainless-steel handle.

      Besides the functionality of this item, its exposed copper band makes it one beautiful saucepan. It’s one of those products that you actually want to keep for yourself, even though you were planning on gifting it away.

      Find it at Ming Wo (various locations) or online.



      For the avid baker

      Amateur bakers will tell you exactly what’s at the top of their wish list: a professional-grade stand mixer. What we are referring to is KitchenAid’s Artisan Mini Premium 3.5-quart stand mixer (on sale for $429.99), which comes in a variety of colours (but we’re digging the candy-apple red, which fits perfectly with the holidays).

      This product comes with a 10-speed slide, polished stainless-steel bowl with a handle, flex-edge beater, dough hook, and more. It can make up to five dozen cookies at once, so holiday baking will be very efficient.

      Whoever receives this generous gift will proceed to enter baking heaven, and you can bet that they’ll be whipping up cakes, brownies, loaves, and much more. If anyone needs a break from baking, this stand mixer can also be used for mashed potatoes, pizza dough, and other tasty foods.

      The only problem with receiving this gift is what should be given in return.

      Find it at the Gourmet Warehouse (1340 East Hastings Street) or online.



      For the homebody

      It’s a known fact that there are countless places to eat out in Vancouver, but there are also many people who’d rather cook and eat in the comfort of their own home.

      For the homebodies who prefer to create their own dishes in their kitchen, we suggest gifting the Ballarini Bologna Granitium non-stick fry pan (9.5 to 12.5 inches, $99.99 to $129.99). We know, it’s a mouthful.

      This product is from a newly launched Zwilling brand in Canada, and its features include an ergonomic heat-insulating handle, granitium nonstick coating, and a Thermopoint heat indicator for safety and energy-saving.

      Made in Italy, it has a sleek design that’s easy on the eye, because we know how important it is these days to have your cookware look nice (especially when guests are over for holiday parties).

      Find it at the Bay (various locations) or online.



      For the grill lovers

      It may be a snowy and frosty December, but that doesn’t stop a barbecue-obsessed individual from grilling their favourite kind of steak or patties. However, for the majority of grillers who can’t wait to resume their summer hobbies next year, there’s nothing better than opening up a gift on Christmas morning that screams “barbecue”.

      Surprise them with Williams-Sonoma’s BBQ tool set ($144.34)—complete with a sturdy wooden box for storage and easy transport. The gift set includes a basting mop, fork, slotted spatula, and tongs, all made from stainless steel. The tools’ handles are made with stay-cool synthetic material and are extra long so users won’t have to worry about burning temperatures when grilling.

      We’re pretty sure that all the dads out there who receive this gift will beam with excitement or, if they like to keep their emotions guarded, try very hard not to show off a big grin.

      Find it online.



      For the entertainer

      Be it a Christmas soirée or holiday luncheon, the person who loves to host these gatherings will be happy to receive a gift that contributes to his/her parties.

      What’s something that most people love to nibble on and pair with wine? Cheese. Indigo’s set of wood board and copper cheese knives ($45) makes a great gift because it serves its purpose of serving cheese and charcuterie and provides the essential tools to cut into said cheese.

      The board is made from durable and grained mango wood, and the cheese knives are crafted in a way that they cut into both soft and hard cheeses (i.e. brie, cheddar, or havarti). When the knives are not in use, they tuck into a drawer beneath the wooden board—talk about convenience.

      Wood boards are versatile because they can serve not only cheeses but also various types of snacks such as dessert, fruit, and hors d’oeuvres. This gift will likely be appreciated by both host and guests, so it’s a win-win situation.

      Find it at Indigo (various locations) or online.

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