As Donald Trump becomes U.S. president, climate change and LGBT webpages vanish from White House website

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      As Donald Trump was being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, the White House website also underwent a transformation to reflect the presidential transition.

      As the website changed from the administration of Barack Obama to Trump, according to reports, webpages on the White House website had either been changed—or have disappeared altogether.


      New policies have already been posted, covering areas such as energy, trade, foreign policy, and law enforcement.

      Fuelling fears of what would happen when Trump became president, the webpages for climate change and LGBT issues (which the Obama administration introduced).

      The climate change webpage included Obama's record on protecting the environment and addressing climate change.

      The LGBT webpage listed Obama's achievements in advancing equality for LGBT Americans, including policy changes and historic court victories.

      However, the Obama digital footprint has been archived at the Obama administration website.

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