Luxury consignment shop Mine & Yours offers Vancouverites store-wide discount to reflect ongoing gender pay gap

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      In recognition of International Women’s Day, local consignment shop Mine & Yours will be offering Vancouverites 20 percent off their purchases this Wednesday (March 8) as an acknowledgement of the gender pay gap.

      The women-founded and women-run business offers secondhand clothing, handbags, and shoes from designer labels such as Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Its founders and owners Jigme Love and Courtney Watkins hope that the sale will offer its clients a chance to treat themselves while drawing attention to the global gender pay gap problem.

      "While this is a fun bonus for our loyal customers, it also serves as a serious reminder that there remains much work to be done for women's equality, here at home, and especially abroad," said Love in a press release.

      According to a 2011 report by Statistics Canada, Canadian women earn 72 cents for every dollar a man makes. More recent data for 2017 posits that that number has increased to 74.2 cents, though work done by women continues to be undervalued in professional spheres. Some groups, such as women of colour, trans women, and immigrant women, are likely to earn even less than this ratio.

      Mine & Yours’ sale takes place tomorrow (March 8) at its standalone store at 1025 Howe Street and at its online shop. For more information about the shop, visit its website.

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