B.C. parties denounce anti-transgender flyers targeting Vancouver NDP candidate Morgane Oger

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      B.C. parties are denouncing the distribution of hateful flyers that target Morgane Oger, a transgender NDP candidate for Vancouver–False Creek.

      The religious-themed flyers were distributed this week in the West End and the Vancouver–False Creek riding.

      The pamphlets are entitled "Transgenderism vs. Truth in Vancouver–False Creek". According to CTV News, they include Bible verses and warn against accepting "homosexuality and transvestitism" in British Columbia, stating: "The truth is there are only two genders, male and female and they are God given and unchangeable."

      The B.C. Green Party issued a statement on April 27 in which Coquitlam-Maillardville candidate and LGBT advocate Nicola Spurling called for a united front against LGBT discrimination.

      “Transphobia and homophobia are issues that cross party lines,” she stated. “We need to come together, in a non-partisan way, to speak out about discrimination against marginalized people. We have trans people running for every major party in this province and that is a huge accomplishment, and something to be celebrated.”

      Oger's B.C. Liberals rival and incumbent Sam Sullivan also decried the campaign against her.

      Although Oger said she was hurt by the attack, she told CTV News that she is concerned about the impact it will have on LGBT community members.

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