3 different ways to get into the two-wheeler game

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      Walking into one of Vancouver’s many bicycle shops can be an overwhelming experience if you’re unfamiliar with the many styles, models, and subclasses available. If you’re looking to get serious about cycling this year but are a tad intimidated by the aggressive-looking road bikes typically found speeding down bike routes, here are three alternatives to consider.

      City bikes

      With a streamlined shape that looks as good as it functions, city-style bikes remain popular with urban dwellers interested in shorter, more leisurely travels. The bicycles’ design features an upright riding position and angled-back handlebars, making the model ideal for new or novice cyclists. They’re great for riding along the seawall, for example, and may be equipped with baskets or pannier racks for weekly grocery or beer runs. Popular makers of city bikes include Simcoe and Linus.


      Norco's Raleigh hybrid bike.

      Hybrid bikes

      Part traditional road bike, part mountain bike, a hybrid is a great option for those looking to cycle more regularly but who may be uncomfortable with the bent-seating position required for road bikes. The hybrid borrows the mountain bike’s flat handlebars while employing the lightweight construction of road models, resulting in an all-purpose vehicle that can tackle anything from around-the-block trips to long mountain treks. Some of our favourite brands include Norco and the Vancouver-based Brodie.


      Raleigh's Sprite IE electric bike.

      Electric bikes

      A relatively new addition to Vancouver’s cycling scene, electric bikes gave gained popularity in recent years among those needing an ecofriendly transportation option for longer distances. Equipped with an electric motor that you may switch to once you become tired of manual pedalling, these two-wheelers handily conquer challenging terrain while ensuring you arrive at your destination without breaking a sweat. Check out e-bike makers like Raleigh, Devinci, and Prodigy.