EXP Bar hosts fighting-game night to help beat women’s poverty into submission

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      Let’s be real—most of us are far too scared to get into a boxing ring. Sure, boxing inspires hard work, discipline, and focused training—but so does mastering a video game, right? Plus, for the most part, PlayStation showdowns don’t involve stumbling home with a bloody nose.

      Jillian Brooks of non-profit Aprons for Gloves, however, is made of braver stuff. Training for a boxing event to support the association, Brooks focuses on providing community outreach through the sport. Boxing has a historic precedent in the Downtown Eastside, and, by offering free mentorship and training to individuals otherwise excluded due to resources, Aprons for Gloves teaches respect, self-control, and positive self-esteem to at-risk women and youth. Providing a community for those often marginalized by society, the association hopes to help stamp out women’s poverty.

      EXP Bar is lending its support by hosting a virtual fight night for those less eager to jump between the ropes themselves. Tekken 7, Injustice 2, Super Smash Bros, Street Fighter 5, and Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition will be on offer, with a number of other button-bashing gems on rotation.

      All of the bar and restaurant’s consoles will have fighting games on offer for free, inviting patrons to enjoy their food and drink while smashing some digital high-kicks. Prizes will also be on offer for those who purchase anything on the night, or donate directly to Aprons for Gloves—because it’s always important to fight for a good cause.

      The Virtual Fight Night Fundraiser is at EXP Bar (309 W Pender) on Monday (June 19)

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