City of Vancouver intensifies drug needle pickups in Crosstown Elementary School and Andy Livingstone Park

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      The City of Vancouver is ramping up the collection of needles discarded by drug users at a school and park adjacent to each other downtown.

      The city indicated in a media release Tuesday (June 20) that it has “increased safety efforts in response to concerns of needles found in Andy Livingstone Park and Crosstown Elementary School”.

      Andy Livingstone Park is used as a play area by Crosstown elementary students.

      According to the city, school staff members are conducting four safety sweeps every day.

      Sanitation and park personnel are deployed seven days a week.

      Four needle receptacles have been installed at the park.

      Police are going to increase patrols at the park and surrounding areas.

      The city is joined in the effort by the Portland Hotel Society, through the group’s Spikes on Bikes and Mobile Needle Recovery Service, the Street Youth Job Action of the Directions Youth Services Centre, and Vancouver Coastal Health.

      “The City, health, and school board officials are working on a coordinated response to serve all of our residents enhance park and playground security for local families and children at Crosstown Elementary,” according to the media release.