Your horoscope for July 13 to 19, 2017

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      Pick it up from where you left off, or go and do anew. It won’t take much to get it launched and to keep it going strong. Thursday to Saturday sets a great backdrop for making the most of it.

      As of Friday, Mercury in Leo moves into activation mode regarding the August eclipses. Are you happy and fulfilled? Are you at your best? Is life delivering good reward? Mercury in Leo keeps self-interest, self-love, and success ratios front and centre. Aim to pay close attention to the beating of your heart and to the signals provided by life’s synchronicities. The next couple of months aims the karmic spotlight directly onto affairs of the heart, and also onto one special one, be they lover, child, self, or someone of influence to you personally or of worldly prominence.

      Monday begins with Venus/Neptune feeling their way along. This transit can be romantic, imaginative, quiet, and relaxed, or it can produce dissipation, forgetfulness, confusion, and stir subtle undercurrents. Keep the morning open; take it as it comes. As the day advances, Mars/Uranus hits a strike-flint track. Something spontaneous or out of the blue can be a great perk-me-up. On the other hand, try not to let impetuous or reactionary emotions get the better of you.

      Tuesday, Venus/Jupiter and the Taurus moon are on an abundance track. Wednesday, Mercury/Saturn make it real, doable, straightforward, legit, or well-timed. It’s an optimum day to meet with a specialist, professional, parent, or adviser. Say it; sign it; plan it; work it; buy or sell it.

      March 20 - April 20

      Places to go, things to see, do, or say—Mercury/Jupiter and the Aries moon keep you on a fresh battery charge Thursday/Friday. Partake; enjoy. Monday can produce a soft start but it may not end that way. Mars/Uranus can kick it up unexpectedly but even so, the timing is good. Tuesday/Wednesday, it comes together easily, readily, and well.

      April 20 - May 21

      The weekend keeps you on the go. Friday through Monday, the stars are on a perk-me-up program. You should have no trouble finding things to do or enjoy. Monday morning is ideal for romance, sleep, or hanging out. Later in the day, Mars/Uranus stir it up, perhaps unexpectedly. Tuesday can be delightful, heartwarming, profitable, or expensive. Wednesday, get it said, signed, and/or accomplished.

      May 21 - June 21

      One thing leads to the next thing. Take it as it comes. Spontaneity does it best for your weekend’s entertainment. Monday morning, Venus in Gemini wants to let it go rather than take it on. As the day builds, Mars/Uranus hit push-it, force-it, or forge-ahead. Tuesday/Wednesday are optimized. Say it; do it; buy it; sign it—the timing is very good.

      June 21 - July 22

      A take-charge attitude hits it right Friday through Sunday. Mercury/Jupiter enhance communication tracks. Despite extra volume everywhere, the duo makes for relative ease regarding the travel or the getting. You can slack off Monday morning, but during the day, watch for Mars in Cancer to hit full steam or sudden snap. Tuesday/Wednesday, the going, the connecting, and the getting are good.

      July 22 - August 23

      Play it anyway you like, the weekend gets a high-five. Subtle or striking, on Sunday evening something fresh can start to percolate. Monday morning you can ease into it, but by Monday evening, Mars/Uranus hit full steam ahead. Tuesday, visits, plans, talks, and travel run smooth. Venus/Jupiter gives you more to say, do, or consider. Wednesday comes together/works out very well.

      August 23 - September 23

      You could do with extra legroom this weekend. Free yourself up; plug into something fresh and try to take your mind off the pressure points as best you can. Monday morning, write it off; let it go; ease up. Monday evening strikes flint, perhaps unexpectedly so. Delivering the best stars of the month, Tuesday/Wednesday sets you up for great gain, satisfaction, or accomplishment.

      September 23 - October 23

      Spur of the moment or in the moment keeps the action going strong through Monday. One thing leads to another; you’re quick on the uptake, especially Friday/Saturday. Monday morning Venus gets lost in it, but by evening Mars/Uranus are sharpshooting. Tuesday, Venus/Jupiter puts everything on the increase. Wednesday, Mercury/Saturn get the job done very well.

      October 23 - November 22

      The weekend can be productive or renewing. The Aries moon can fast-track projects and plans. Monday morning, go with the flow; let your mind wander and conjure. As the day advances, watch for Mars in Cancer to pick up a lot more steam. By evening, you’re on a roll. Go for it Tuesday/Wednesday; great gains can be made.

      November 22 - December 21

      Friday/Saturday, choose; do; go. Pleasure and satisfaction are a ready mix. Take the lead; others (especially your lover) will get immediately onboard with you. Sunday through Monday morning can slow you/it down, but not by much. Mars/Uranus hits the action switch and/or launches a chain reaction. Tuesday, Venus/Jupiter gives you more, much more. Wednesday, get it said, written, planned, or done.

      December 21 - January 20

      Family and home matters keep you on the go, especially through Monday. Quick, straightforward, and easy does it best. Monday, Mars/Uranus can strike it hot. Don’t give in to reactionary emotions but go for it when the moment feels right. Tuesday, Venus/Jupiter put more on the go. Wednesday, take control. Expec-tations and objectives are readily met.

      January 20 - February 18

      One way or another, the weekend keeps you/it on the go. Quick or short does the trick best. Monday evening, Mars/Uranus triggers something out of the blue. Emotions or impulse can get the better of you. Tuesday, Venus/Jupiter make it more appealing, lucrative, pricey, or worthwhile. Wednesday, Mercury/Saturn makes it reasonable, timely, well-said, or well-done.

      February 18 - March 20

      Free up your time. A weekend to do as you please can be wonderfully replenishing. Immerse yourself in the moment; take it as it comes. Monday can start quietly, but watch for Mars/Uranus to rev up something unexpected. Tuesday increases pleasure or profit. Wednesday is a produc-tive day to talk it out, make plans, and accomplish the objective.