Free pop-up escape room on Main Street opens tomorrow (September 1)

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      If you’ve never played an escape room (an adventure game where players have to solve puzzles using hints and clues) in Vancouver before, you’re in for a treat.

      The B.C. Dairy Association is inviting the public to participate in its “Getaway Escape Room” (4386 Main Street), which will be open beginning tomorrow through September 12.

      The theme of this timed puzzle game is to try and escape the tedious tasks of adulthood, such as doing chores, dealing with technology glitches, and commuting, in order to take a vacation.

      Players will have up to 45 minutes to search for clues and hints to solve the puzzles and “escape the room”. Be prepared to utilize problem-solving skills, pay attention to details, and maximize teamwork.

      Admission is free of charge, and you can gather up to eight people in your team (must be 18 years or older). Those who are interested in playing can reserve their spot online.

      Availability is limited, so we suggest booking your group in as soon as possible.