This week in video games: Nine-year-old Chilliwacker in Nintendo World Championships, Shadow of War, and more

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      This week, return to Middle-earth, return to survival horror, and go to ancient Egypt for the first time. But first, Chilliwack youngster Ausdyn Champ is in New York this weekend to compete in the Nintendo World Championships.

      Nine-year-old from Chilliwack among North America's top MarioKart racers

      It won't be hard to notice Ausdyn Champ this weekend in New York City. The nine-year-old from Chilliwack will be the kid with the big grin on his face.

      Ausdyn is in the Big Apple to compete in the Nintendo World Championships, taking place tomorrow (October 7). He's one of sixteen qualifiers, and one of two Canadians, who booked a ticket to the event by participating in Mario Kart 7 time trials which took place across the U.S.

      On speakerphone with the Georgia Straight, Ausdyn said he was looking forward to the trip.

      "It will be the best time of my life," he said.

      Chilliwack's Ausdyn Champ

      Ausdyn, who plays under the moniker Gooperman, actually set the second best time at a qualifying event in Tukwila, Washington, but the cancellation of a Miami qualifying event due to Hurricane Irma opened up a spot in the tournament. His qualifying time was the next best in the U.S.

      "It was quite a bit of fun," Ausdyn said of the qualifying tournament.

      Parents Alicia and Bryan Champ admitted it was difficult spending six hours at a Best Buy store, but seeing him enjoying hanging out with the other kids made it easier. "He was excited to spend time with his people," Alicia said.

      Ausdyn said that while he's a fan of racing games, his favourite game is Nintendo's Super Mario Maker, which unlocks the platforming game so players can create their own experiences.

      The trip to New York included time at New York Comic Con, and Ausdyn said he was also excited to see the "Nintendo store in Rockefeller Center".

      Nintendo will be livestreaming the Nintendo World Championship starting at 2 p.m. PT.

      Shadow of War a welcome return to Middle-earth mayhem

      The ranger, Talion, is back, he's still sharing his body with the elf Celebrimbor, and he's still going after Sauron. And they still need help.

      A sequel to 2014 the open world role-playing game Shadow of Mordor, this adventure is built using an updated version of the Nemesis System developed by Monolith to give each play through of the game its own unique flavour. 

      It all takes place in a Middle-earth that is, the developers claim, three times bigger than the first game. And while there were skirmishes in the first game, in this sequel you'll engage in full-on battles.

      Along the way, you'll make decisions about which of your enemies to kill, and which to convert, all to build an army you can take to war.

      Releasing next week for PS4, Windows, and Xbox One, if you played Shadow of Mordor, you can export your highest ranking orc rival and ally to join you in Shadow of War.

      Friday the 13th a perfect day for release of The Evil Within 2

      The Evil Within is a game so scary that it was promoted using videos of people playing the game, and reacting to the crazy things that were happening.

      Fitting, then, that the sequel is scheduled for release on Friday the 13th.

      From Bethesda and available on PS4, Windows, and Xbox One, The Evil Within 2 comes from Shinji Mikami, who created the Resident Evil franchise of games.

      It features detective Sebastian Castellanos in a survival horror setting that has you carefully managing resources and doing your best to peek around corners. The blend of jump scares and psychological creepiness combine to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

      Assassin's Creed goes to ancient Egypt for Origins

      The next Assassin's Creed game from Ubisoft doesn't come out for a couple of weeks, but two new videos provide more detail on the characters and setting of Assassin's Creed Origins.

      In the first, "Birth of the Brotherhood", we learn that the brotherhood of assassins in the franchise actually started in Egypt during the time of the pharaohs.

      The second video, "Tales From the Tomb", uses humorous animations based on Egyptian art to give us a glimpse at the varied settings, combat situations, and enemies that will be in the game.

      Assassin's Creed Origins will be available for PS4, Windows, and Xbox One on October 27.

      Games released or releasing

      • The Witness, Jonathan Blow's mind-bending puzzle game, is now available to play on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.