Hockey legend Trevor Linden rocks orange in a fitness trend that's rapidly gaining ground around the globe

The former pro hockey player helped bring the interval-training-based Orangetheory Fitness to Metro Vancouver

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      Outside Rogers Arena, Vancouver Canucks president Trevor Linden may be best known for the line of gyms that bears his name (Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness), but there’s another local workout the hockey legend backs: Orangetheory Fitness.

      The franchise, which Linden and his business partner brought to Vancouver in 2014, belongs to the Fort Lauderdale–based Ultimate Fitness Group, LLC. At a recent media event (where a small group of journalists did the hour-long workout alongside Linden), he told the Straight that he tried one of the group personal-training sessions in Florida in 2013 and enjoyed it so much he wanted to see it in the city he calls home.

      “I love fitness, and I love a good product,” the 47-year-old Linden said, pointing to the workout’s effectiveness.

      The workout is based on interval training and the science of “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption”, with attendees striving for certain heart-rate levels during timed blocks of exercise to maintain a target zone that is said to stimulate metabolism and increase energy.

      Wearing special heart-rate monitors, participants can see their own (and everyone else’s) heart rate, number of calories burned, and other information displayed on TV screens.

      With upbeat tunes blaring in the background, a coach leads people through a series of exercises (which change from session to session) that involve the use of a treadmill, WaterRowers (a type of rowing machine), free weights, TRX suspension trainers, and other equipment, as well as people’s own body weight.

      Linden—whose wife of 22 years, Cristina, recently gave birth to the couple’s first child, a son named Roman Matthias—recommended doing the workout a couple of times a week, in conjunction with other activities. For himself, he likes swimming and outdoor sports.

      With locations downtown, in North Vancouver, and in other parts of B.C., Orangetheory Fitness (which is one of the fastest growing franchises in the world) will be popping up in other areas of Metro Vancouver in the future (including a soon-to-open spot on Davie Street in the West End). Membership prices aren’t listed on the company’s website; rather, people are encouraged to inquire after an initial free class.

      Trevor Linden shows the proper way to do a side plank.