Getting the new iPhone X? Get paid to trade in your old phone with Sphere

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      (This article is sponsored by Sphere.)

      With the hotly anticipated launch of the new , Apple tells us to say hello to our future. Among the incredible new updates is the Face ID unlocking system and OLED display. It’s been 10 years since the original iPhone hit the market and, this time, Apple has set out to completely change the game, with some hailing the X as a “new era” of phone hardware.

      Amid all this excitement, we’d forgive you for forgetting about your old phone. Once you’ve transferred the numbers, what do you do with it? If you’re anything like us you instantly consider relegating it to the drawer. You know the one. It’s jammed full of trinkets, random souvenirs, bits, bobs and things—all at varying levels of uselessness. The key to a door—or a box?—we no longer access; the button to a pair of pants that we meant to sew on months—years?—ago but they went to the thrift store (sans button) before we mustered up the wherewithal; coins from trips we can no longer remember; instruction manuals for stuff we can’t find; chargers from circa 2007; and a graveyard of old phones we no longer use.

      But it doesn’t have to be this way! makes it super simple to . The best part? The company will pay you for it, regardless of the phone’s condition. They make it so much easier and more efficient than selling your device on your own—even for the laziest of life-admin procrastinators. And with today’s launch, the timing couldn’t be better to make the smartphone-sized space in the drawer and add some cash to your wallet as you gather the funds to cover the X’s $1,300+ price tag!

      From you enter the model, carrier, and condition of your phone or tablet, and it will come up with how much you will receive. From there, Sphere will send you a free shipping kit—a padded envelope, a bubble pouch for your device, and a prepaid Canada Post shipping label—for you to drop off at your nearest post office. Once Sphere receives your device—usually within a few days—the device will be inspected and then you’ll be paid via PayPal or cheque. Simple. And, in case you’re worried, it will be completely wiped so there is none of your personal data left on it. If for any reason, the value of your phone is reassessed to be below what it was originally, you can choose to have your device sent back at no cost.

      Keep in mind that, also does buyback for businesses as well. So if your company contracts are coming to an end, chances are the changeover will leave behind a number of used devices.  No one needs that clutter on their desk, and perhaps the extra cash will make the case to your boss for new phones all around. Win, win!

      So, let’s take a moment away from our new iPhone X and commit to sending our golden oldies—they’ve served us well—to where they can be reconditioned or recycled.  takes in over 50 models so there’s bound to be cash potential in your drawer. For example, right now, an iPhone 6S 16GB in “mint” condition can get you $235 and a Samsung Galaxy S6 in “good” condition gets you $165. That said, if you are looking to upgrade your phone you should trade in the old one sooner rather than later, as this new launch will soon see the value of older models drop. But with a process this simple, there’s literally nothing to lose. Hello future, goodbye phone-hoarding guilt!