Stephen King, whose uncut version of The Stand was 1,153 pages long, thinks Twitter's 280 characters is too much

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      I love following Stephen King on Twitter. As well as regular updates on what his dog Molly, aka the Thing of Evil, is up to, he skewers Donald Trump whenever the screwly elected President of the United States tweets something overly insane.

      But King's latest tweet, sent eight hours ago, is particularly noteworthy. It reads, simply: "280 characters? Fuck that."

      Most likely the King of Horror is concerned about what having twice as big a platform on Twitter will mean to the Trumpster. The screwly elected Leader of the Free World will have to get up even earlier in the morning to compose his ego-driven diatribes that make us all wonder whether the world's gonna make it till Christmas. 

      But Stephen King isn't really one to talk about not knowing when to quit typing. I love a lot of his novels--including lean 'n' mean early ones like Carrie, Misery, and especially The Dead Zone, in which he predicted the apocalyptic potential of a Trump-style presidency--but his verbosity precedes him. 

      Like that team in 1990 when he released that 1,153-page behemoth The Stand Complete and Uncut. I actually bought a copy, but have been afraid to crack it open lest I spend way too many of the fleeting hours of my existence getting through it. I'm not a fast reader, so it sits up on our bookshelf between Pet Sematary and The Talisman until a heavy snowfall hits and I need to stuff it in the trunk of the car for traction.

      At 1,138 pages, King's second-longest book, the 1986 epic It, was too wordy for me to get through as well. Just like the version of Twitter that's apparently being rolled out today, it accomodates too many characters.

      Whether in tweets or scary books, the world doesn't need twice as many words--just better ones, I reckon.