Australia same-sex marriage bills appear headed for defeat

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      The fate of two bills to legalize same-sex marriage in Australia hangs in the balance, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

      The metropolitan daily predicted that the bills to update the Marriage Act to allow same-sex marriage are headed for defeat.

      Australia’s finance minister, Penny Wong, one of the strongest proponents of updating the Marriage Act, told the newspaper that change would come regardless of the fate of the legislation.

      “I think the campaign is not going to go away because, ultimately, it’s a campaign for people’s equality,” Wong told the Herald.

      This week, a seven-member parliamentary committee split 4-2 against same-sex marriage with one abstention, the Herald reported in the same story.

      Priority will be given to the bill introduced by the New South Wales Labor MP Stephen Jones, the paper reported. The other is a Green bill, sponsored by MP Adam Bandt.

      “We’re short of the numbers at the moment but anything could change,” Jones told the Herald.