COVID-19: Dr. Anthony Fauci and Trevor Noah suggest the dangers of the pandemic aren't penetrating your thick skull

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      One of the most baffling things about COVID-19 is that even after weeks of travel bans and mandatory business closures and working from home and mounting deaths across the globe, a lot of people still don't know what the hell is going on.

      Need proof of that? Risk your life making a grocery run and you'll find sensible folks telling less sensible folk to back the hell up in checkout lines. At the delis still open on Commercial Drive, people will stand there stabbing at the glass and leaning on the counter, or fondling every lemon or lime at grocery stores until they've found one with the smoothest skin (it's a Liquor Nerd thing). 

      Need further proof we're still not all getting it? Look at what just happened at the St. Patrick's Day Parade in New Orleans, and then consider that the Big Easy is currently seeing COVID-19 rip through the city like an Australian brushfire.

      You've got the increasingly erratic and possibly senile Donald Trump telling everyone that it's time to get back to the grindstone in the States because what are tens of thousands of deaths when there's money to be made on the stock market?

      And you've got my 70-something father out in the suburbs who, because he's spent his entire life thinking he's indestructible, still doesnt undersand that he shouldn't be making six Costco runs per day.

      Given the stupid amount of ignorance still out there, the below interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci from last night's The Daily Show is mandataory watching, even if you haven't left the house in 39 days and are washing your hands every 13.7 seconds, in between wiping down every surface for a 993rd time with industrial-strength Lysol disinfectant cloths. 

      Fauci is the expert normally seen standing there looking incredulous in the background at Trump's quite frankly demented COVID-19 press conferences. You know, the ones that have replaced his bricks-and-mortar rallies as a way to preach to his scarily clueless choir. The ones where he crosses out COVID-19 on his briefing notes, and writes in "The China Virus" instead.

      Speaking with The Daily Show host Trevor Noah below, Fauci lays everything out in one easy-to-digest package, not just for Americans but also Canadians and the rest of the world. 

      His scary but sensible approach drives it home once and for all that, despite what you might have heard on Kits Beach,  COVID-19 is  “insidious and treacherous”. The big takeaway being that--in case you're one of the many who's missed the daily fire drill instructions--you really need to be taking things more seriously.