Geek of the Week

Geek of the Week: Glitch

Vancouver resident Stewart Butterfield helped launch the photo-sharing site Flickr. Now, he’s got a new project, a massively multiplayer online game called Glitch.

Geek of the Week: Farm Rescue

In this Facebook game created by animal-rights advocate Mark Middleton, you rescue chickens from factory farms, help them regain their health, and send them to good homes.

Geek of the Week: OpenDataBC

With the launch of the Apps for Climate Action contest and the Climate Change Data Catalogue, open-data enthusiasts have reason to be optimistic that the B.C. government will eventually launch a full-scale data portal.

Geek of the Week: HootSuite for the iPhone

If you use Twitter on your iPhone, you know it’s much easier to tweet with applications like Tweetie and TweetDeck than the microblogging service’s own bare-bones mobile site.

Geek of the Week: Followformation

Unlike Facebook, Twitter isn’t so much about who you’re friends with as who you’re interested in getting to know. Followformation aims to help newbies get started.

MakeFive wants your top-five lists

Are George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill O’Reilly, Charles Manson, and Donald Rumsfeld really the five most evil Americans alive? You can have your say on MakeFive, a Web site developed by Gastown-based smashLAB that invites users to create, vote on, and comment on top-five lists.


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