Geek of the Week: 500px

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      Let’s face it. Yahoo has totally dropped the ball with Flickr.

      Although it’s still the place for photo-sharing, the site stopped innovating years ago.

      Toronto-based 500px is one photo site that has changed with the times and is now capturing the attention of photography enthusiasts.

      Users of 500px are encouraged to upload only their best shots, and that makes the aesthetically pleasing site a joy to explore.

      Free accounts come with 20 uploads per week, while $50 a year gets you an unlimited plan.

      It’s easy to build a basic online portfolio with 500px, and you can even sell your images through the site.

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      Sep 26, 2011 at 1:43pm

      500px kicks ass. I started using it awhile ago and while there's still elements of the "bad" things from Flickr ("explore" style photos that seem to be post-processed to the point of no return), it's a great place to upload photos.