LGBT Stories

VIFF 2018: Splinters

Coming out with same-sex attraction can be hard enough. But how do you handle coming out with different-sex attraction after that?

VIFF 2018: Colette

Keira Knightley has one of her best roles ever as the poor country girl who marries a rich Parisian dandy and discovers her own art.

VIFF 2018: Genesis

Note that Quebec’s Philippe Lesage retains the hypnagogic mood of his 2015 feature Les Démons without relying on that film’s overt horrors.

VIFF 2018: Carmen and Lola

Perhaps the most telling detail of Carmen and Lola, a competent, detailed portrait of adolescent awakening in the giant closet of a Spanish gitanos community, is how Lola and Carmen talk to each other.

VIFF 2018: M/M

What marks same-sex relationships apart from different-sex ones is the emphasis here, with shades of Narcissus recast within an austerely stylized, hypermodern urban environment.


Salt at Bon's

There were two of you at your table. I'd met eyes with one of you once or twice so I...


Savage Love: Overcoming the “cringey” factor

"What can I do to get to a point where I can enjoy intercourse?"