Mind Body Soul

Massage therapist

1. Alison Ritchie Massage Therapy 2. Angela Mackenzie, Rebound 3. Mel Engleder, BodaHealth


1. Acubalance Wellness Centre 2. Kelli Taylor, Elements Wellness Centre & Studio 3. Glow Acupuncture & Wellness Center (tie) 3. Dr. Jeda Boughton, BodaHealth (tie)

Naturopathic clinic

1. Sage Clinic 2. Integrative Healing Arts 3. South Granville Naturopathic Clinic

Medical clinic

1. Seymour Medical Clinic 2. Care Point Medical Centres 3. Khatsahlano Medical Clinics

Supplement store

1. Finlandia Natural Pharmacy & Health Centre 2. Popeye's Supplements Canada 3. Body Energy Club

Pilates studio

1. Beyond Pilates (tie) 1. Exhale Studio (tie) 2. Pilates Unlimited 3. Sweat Co. Workout Studios

Yoga studio

1. Semperviva Yoga (tie) 1. YYOGA (tie) 2. Bikram Yoga Vancouver 3. Open Door Yoga

Dance studio

1. Harbour Dance Centre 2. Exhale Studio 3. The Urban Beat Dance Co.


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McDonald's - Granville & Smithe

I doubt you'll see this, but here goes. ...