XCOM: Enemy Unknown will have you trying new tactics

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      XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2K; PS3, Windows, Xbox 360; rated mature)

      This tactical strategy game puts players in command of a combat force created to defend Earth against an alien invasion.

      You have to manage resources to expand the facility, conduct research, and build new items, all of which strengthen your forces. You’ll also be responsible for directing the soldiers in their missions against the aliens.

      Combat is turn-based, and troops that survive and succeed will rise through the ranks, with you deciding how they’ll specialize. It’s intricate and compelling enough that you’ll replay it over and over, changing priorities and trying new tactics.

      With a decidedly '50s-era feel to it, XCOM: Enemy Unknown will have you playing for hours, weeping for the soldiers who sacrificed for your cause. 


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      Please, Please, Please

      Dec 11, 2012 at 11:36am

      Awesome game.

      If you arent a twitchy 12 year old hooked on the latest Call of Duty cash grab, and enjoy turn based strategy games, you will be hooked.