Transference presents the works of five Canadian artists - Aimée Henny Brown, Saskia Jetten, Ross Kelly, Colin Lyons and Kathleen Ritter. The exhibition investigates digital technology’s influence on contemporary print-making. Each artist engages the challenges and opportunities digital methods present to the function and process of the medium and its contribution to the conceptual construction of artworks. Underlying the works is the notion of image transfer as well as the transference of meaning supported and sometimes led by new digital innovations.

The artists’ works represent a diversity of experimentation and exploration; each has researched and employed various print-based practices as a vehicle for examining the diverse personal and cultural histories that their subject matter references. With their point of departure being a traditional print practice, the artists have transferred in parallel both the conceptual and technical matrix resulting in work that is both a separation from and a repetition of its source material and point of origin.

The opening will be Saturday, January 27 at 7:30pm and a Panel Discussion with artists Aimée Henny Brown, Saskia Jetten, Ross Kelly, Colin Lyons , moderated by guest curator Hannamari Jalovaara will be held just prior to the reception at 6:15pm.

Image credit; Ross Kelly, "Illuminated Manuscript #2", 2017