Blackmagic Camera and Colour Correction Basics




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Blackmagic Camera & Colour Correction Basics

Learn how to create beautiful videos with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and its colour correction software in this comprehensive introduction by cinematographer Devan Scott!

2 sessions, 9 hours total // $70, or $58 with VIVO Extended Producer Membership (+GST)

Session 1: Sun Feb 4, 1pm-5:30pm
Session 2: Sun Feb 11, 1pm-5:30pm

One extended subsidy is available for this workshop:

This workshop covers The Blackmagic Cinema Camera, one of VIVO's most extraordinary production tools, as well as its free colour correction software, Davinci Resolve. Shooting in uncompressed formats, this highly portable camera and its powerful software form a dynamic duo for independents looking to produce their best work! Learn how to use them through practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises, using footage you shoot and colour correct over two sessions.

Session 1, the 2.5k Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Topics covered:

- Camera theory, including ISO, f-stops and depth of field, white balance, dynamic range, shutter speeds, codecs, frame rates, and raw vs. compressed shooting
- The camera’s extensive menu
- Maximizing image quality
- Using interchangeable lenses
- Best practices & techniques for using the camera and performing simple camera movements

Session 2, Davinci Resolve colour correction software. Topics covered:

- Workflow, including efficient file management, importing footage from other editing programs to DaVinci Resolve, and conforming timelines
- Colour theory & IRE levels
- Primary & secondary correction, including contrast, HSL keys, and power windows
- Curve Editor
- Motion tracking
- RAW imaging theory & processing
- How to read waveforms and scopes
- Grading VS correction
- Sizing
- Matching footage of various quality, shot on multiple cameras
- Styles: how to give your footage various “looks”

Participants may also bring their own footage, shot outside of class time, for the purpose of colour correcting exercises during the second session.
More about the Blackmagic Camera:

More about Davinci Resolve:
Devan Scott’s passion for visual storytelling inspired him to co-found Sad Hill Media, and has led to a portfolio of work as a director, cinematographer, and colourist that has been growing ever since. His work as a writer, director, cinematographer, and colourist has given him a comprehensive and reliable understanding of the creative decision-making involved throughout the production process. To see his portfolio, visit