Pictures at an Exhibition (part one)





ELISSA CRISTALL GALLERY is pleased to present PICTURES at an EXHIBITION (part one) a showcase of work by gallery and guest artists including Mara Korkola, Suzanne Nacha, Lesley Finlayson, Jessica Korderas, Eric Louie, Amanda Reeves. 

The paintings, drawings, collage, and small sculptures are new, each chosen to reveal the innovative and complex qualities of art making in its various forms.  The exhibition will rotate with new artists and new works presented in 'part two' in January.  

The title of the show is taken from “Pictures at an Exhibition” a suite of 10 movements, originally for piano, by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky. Mussorgsky composed his famous Pictures at an Exhibition (1874), based on ten drawings and watercolours produced by his recently deceased friend, artist and architect Viktor Hartmann.