Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu





Welcome to our meet up class! Come and train Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. We will have 30minutes warm up, stretching and 45 minutes strength training, kicks and punches, traditional excercises and forms. This is a class free of charge, so just come and enjoy!

We train in a disciplined and fun environment where everybody is welcome to join. It is based on the idea that everyone can develop strength and abilities.

At Immortal Dragon Vancouver we seek a mental training through physical exercises. We value respect, compassion, humbleness, strength and more. Through the rigorous practice of kung fu, we want to achieve control over our body, mind and spirit.

Learning Shaolin Kung Fu at Immortal Dragon, students will develop confidence, strength, positive social skills, meditation, discipline, an “I can” attitude and improved self-image. It´s a strong training set which combines a basic work-out and stretching.

If you have more questions or get lost just call or text me: 604-723-4883.

Sifu Matthias

Places to go nearby approx. 15 minutes away