LOVE Spectrum Global Fusion Dance




Tix $15 cash at the door


Dance, Nightlife

Zen Fabrice is finally back at Just Dance! Those who have experienced his music know that his sets are imbued with a blend of inspiring sounds and mystery that leads dancers through many inner and outer realms and allow them to connect with ancient roots and modern vibes.

Joining him will be Just Dance founder DJ Abheeru, who shares with Fabrice a deep friendship and the common native land of Quebec, is excited to weave his signature tapistry of Global Fusion beats and melodies. Together they will infuse rhythmic pulses to inspire the many colourful shades of Love and Gratitude.

In this time of celebration of Love, come dance the many ways Love is a part of our lives. Love is not a single kind of energy, it is a Spectrum that encompasses joy, gratitude, serenity, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration, awe and so much more... At a deeper level, Unconditional Love exists in each of us as a part of our deep inner being.

Prepare for a full night of inspired dancing!

7:30 pm - optional active meditation
9:00 pm - DJ Abheeru
10:30 pm - DJ Zen Fabrice

About DJ Zen Fabrice
Fab Coeur de Leon, aka Zen Fabrice, debuted as a house music DJ in Chicago with Trax Records, and during that time played with world-renowned scene originators such as Franky Knuckles and Joe Smooth. Fab's sets have always been the personification of mystery and fire. His colorful, deep and tribal sound leads the dancers to journey many inner realms and connect with ancient roots.

His passion for music goes back to the birth of electronic music in late 70's. Since a very young age, Fab has used music as a vehicle to explore body, mind and spirit.
About DJ Abheeru
Founder of Journeys and a DJ known for taping into an extensive palette of genres and styles from far-reaching locations around the world. His main passion is to infuse and mix in a wide-range of musical organic elements and instruments from many diverse cultures and to blend those with delectable modern dance beats. The results are exquisitely creative dance tracks that will keep your dancing soul and shoes happy.