From Crisis To Celebration: Seven Steps to a Real Relationship




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Most of us approach the ideal of emotional or physical intimacy as an opportunity to produce a state of happiness and satisfaction. This ideal is embedded in our consciousness and influences how we approach not just intimacy, but life in general. That is, it is predicated on the idea of "getting something". This reduces the dimensions of intimacy profoundly. In fact, it becomes two-dimensional as we are in relationship with our need more than we are with the person.
At this Speaker Series, we will discuss how to open past this into new territory. The state of intimacy must precede the act of seeking or making contact, rather than the other way around, in order to maximize its full potential.
What does this mean? The answers to this question will introduce you to the expansive experience of what it means to have a three-dimensional, emotional and fulfilling relationship, and show how this can be achieved.
REAL RELATIONSHIPS - An Intimate Storytelling Circle - from real couples who have walked their own journey from Crisis To Celebration. Don't Miss it!