Seven Minutes in Heaven




Tix $13-20


Theatre, Comedy

It's a Friday night in 1995 and Monday morning homeroom is a million miles away. Six over-stimulated, under-supervised high school students are gathered in Margot's basement to meet her mysterious boyfriend from summer camp -- though none of them have even seen a picture of him and he has yet to show up. As the teens keep themselves busy with rounds of party games, the night gives way to stolen kisses, malicious gossip, and broken hearts. This heartbreaking, hilariously real play showcases the absurd and terrible ecstasy of being young in America.

Fresh off an awesome run of 13 the Musical, Eternal Theatre Collective is thrilled to present their first full length play. Featuring actors aged 15 - 18, and a production team aged 18 - 24, ETC is proud of this youth-led production. Get your tickets now!

Dates: March 7, 8, 9, 10 at 7:30 PM

Location: Studio 16, Granville St and W 7th Ave

Brielle Chan - Phoebe
Shelby Satterthwaite - Margot
Hira Lalani - Ballard
Alain Tahir - Hunter
Sean Cuevas - Derek
Julien Hicks - Wade

Director: Allyson Fournier
Stage Manager: Megan Fass
Production Manager: Andie Lloyd
Set Designer: Bailey Kaye
Costume Designer: Azaria Cantada
Props Designer: Siafon Spencer
Lighting Designer: Andie Lloyd
Sound Designer: Zach Levis
Assistant Stage Manager: Sanad Tabba
Backstage Crew: Daisy Hulme
Graphic Designer: Julianne Herbert
Publicity Manager: Laura Reynolds

Please note: This play contains some mature subject matter, coarse language, and references to self harm.