Black History Month Lecture: Dr. Trevor Burnard






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SFU History's Black History Month Lecture
Feat. special guest Dr. Trevor Burnard, social historian of slavery in the British Caribbean and the Americas, visiting from the University of Melbourne.

“Louisa is a very bad Character”: Enslaved Women and Their Enemies – Telling Stories in a Caribbean Slave Society

Enslaved women had difficult lives in Caribbean slave societies. And how one coped with enslavement in societies where slavery was negotiated between highly unequal parties and in an extremely hostile working and living environment depended very much on whether a woman had friends who could support her and was able to deal with the many people determined to do her damage. Using evidence from enslaved people themselves and the stories they presented in courtrooms seeking justice for slights and injuries done to them, this presentation tries to use enslaved women’s own words to outline what they were up against and how they worked around their enemies and to what effect. It draws on a rich set of sources – the Fiscal and Protector of Slaves’ testimony from Berbice in the 1820s – that allow women to speak for themselves about what concerned and upset them, thus deepening our understanding of both slavery and gender in Caribbean slave communities.

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