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Join Catherine Pawasarat for an evening talk at Banyen Books on how you can transform your shadow into strength. This will be a fascinating introduction to how Buddhist philosophy or Dharma can be combined with Western astrology.

Often seen as our dark side, the shadow is the unconscious part of our ego. It often contains unpleasant aspects of ourselves – aspects that we don’t see or avoid looking at altogether. We each possess a shadow that’s unique, though there are common themes.

AstroDharma, the combination of Buddhist philosophy and Western astrology, helps us to identify, understand and transform these shadow aspects into strengths.

These tools can make the shadow less intimidating, less personal, less upsetting, while empowering us to work with it constructively.

Come and discover the potential that awaits when we have the courage to explore and transform the hidden parts of ourselves. When used skillfully, this lets us get more familiar with our shadow aspects in a real but objective way. By accepting our dark side, we can transcend it.

About Catherine:
For almost 20 years, Catherine has provided Dharma training and taught the path of awakening to hundreds of students. In addition to Buddhist philosophy, astrology and their applications to daily life, Catherine also draws on generative living (a.k.a. sustainability) and the arts.

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