Selina Martin & Tom Holliston




$10 at the door


Performing Arts

Solo sets by 2 of the more intriguing Canadian art rock/post punk acts.

Selina Martin is a singer-songwriter and actor based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Her music is a fusion of pop, art-rock, and cabaret.
It been described as “sneaky beautiful” and “sharp-as-shards.”
She has been compared to PJ Harvey, Björk, and David Byrne.

She began performing music with Bob Wiseman’s band playing guitar, bass, accordion, theremin, wine glasses, and found objects, from 1995 to 1999.
She also began performing and recording her own music, releasing her first record, Space Woman, in 1998, and touring across Canada and Europe.
She has also collaborated with Dave Bidini and Martin Tielli to produce Music from “Five Hole: Tales of Hockey Erotica” (2009).

She is an occasional member of the experimental electronic music and visuals group The Faceless Forces of Bigness with Justin Stephenson, Chris Stringer, Kurt Swinghammer, and Michael-Phillip Wojewoda, and she has collaborated with the Rheostatics, Martin Tielli, Bidiniband, NQ Arbuckle, Veda Hille, Justin Rutledge, and Amelia Curran.

She has also composed music for film, television, and theatre, including co-writing the score for the documentary Act of God with Bidini, Tielli, and Fred Frith.


Punk mainstay Tom Holliston is associated with Nomeansno and The Hanson Brothers, he also leads the side project Showbusiness Giants, and has released four solo records since 2002.

For touring in support of Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy?, Nomeansno hired Holliston to replace Andy Kerr. Holliston went on to become their full-time guitarist.
The first Nomeansno album to feature Holliston was The Worldhood of the World (As Such), released in 1995.
Holliston announced his departure from the band in August 2016. One month later, on September 24, John Wright announced the band's official retirement.