Mending Broken Relationships




$30 / 3 week series (or $12 / class). Pre-registration is only required if attending the whole 3 weeks.


Forums & Talks, Other

This 3 week series (No class May 21) is designed to give you the skills and techniques needed to improve your relationships- and even mend the broken ones.

We don’t live in isolation (although sometimes we wish we could!) so why not learn some tools which can leave you acting confidently and lovingly with people you interact with?

Each class will include guided meditation, a talk and a chance to ask questions. Everyone is welcome.

The classes follow a sequence, each with its own specific topic. Of course we recommend you come to all five but they’re also designed to stand alone so you can come just to the ones that fit your schedule. See you there!

May 7 | Friends and family!
Learning to love them in all their crazy glory!

May 14 | Romantic relationships
They’re a lot of work. We get it. Let us help.

May 28 | Annoying people
Happy people don’t treat others badly.