Singles Ladies Spring Fling Social






Food & Drink

Join us Thursday, May 17, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Rush Salon and enjoy of night of discussion, socializing, interactive games, live demos and Q&A from 4 experts:

Maria Lee - Owner of Tribe Fitness

Nancy Ruth Deen - Manager at Divine Intervention Matchmaking

Suzy Vo and Stacey Minkova - Partners at Rush Salon

Bios below!

They've collected years of experience and are bringing it to you to help YOU show up authentically on your dates. Here are some topics that will be covered:

~Simple and flirty ways to change your hair from office to date in under 5 minutes
~Easy makeup to make you POP!
~The one hair staple you need for every hairstyle
~why men love active and confident women and how to do pre-date tone up in under 10 minutes
~what men are really thinking on a first date and after
~What men love about confident women and how to become confident (using years and hundreds of interviews from single men)
~The secret to really finding the love you want and deserve

Wine and light snacks served.

Door prizes include: salon gift cards, personal training sessions and consult giveaways!


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Maria Lee - Tribe Fitness

Maria is a certified personal trainer and owner of local business Tribe Fitness in Richmond. She is currently prepping for her first bikini competition as a plant-based athlete and love doing pullups, calisthenics, and MMA. Maria's biggest success story: one client lost 100 lbs in 6 months, and her "celebrity client" is Steph Song, an actor who stars as a female lead in the show Blood and Water. Maria's clients lose between 5% to 12% body fat on average. To keep things interesting, she sometimes uses a pool noodle as a "discipline stick" to ensure clients are engaging their core. Before you ask, no, Maria has never been taken to court! *giggles*

Nancy Ruth Deen

Nancy Ruth Deen has been with Divine Intervention Matchmaking for over 3 years. Her studies in psychology, human resources and public relations brought her to the realm of love, dating and relationships. She loves working with successful and ambitious clients who are ready for the next step. Some of her biggest success stories include clients who have found love after divorce, losing a spouse, and having kid(s) together. She has been told her assertive yet warm approach to serving her clients has been exactly what the doctor ordered.

Suzy Vo

Suzy worked and trained at Suki’s for 8 years with the teaching influence of Vidal Sassoon. Her consultations are thorough, non-intimidating and focused on her guest. This and her immense skill make her a client favorite. Suzy can work with all types of hair and is a strong technical cutter with strong finishing and upstyle skills. She loves sharing her knowledge with guests. She is a good choice for anyone. Suzy speaks English, Vietnamese and translates Sign Language.

Stacey Minkova

Stacey is an amazingly talented and focused stylist. She is Vidal Sassoon trained, and worked at Suki’s for 5 years. She is easy to relate to, a great listener, and completely up to date with the latest fashions. Stacy finds inspiration from advanced training and takes classes every chance she gets. Stacy is an excellent communicator and a skilled choice for anyone who wants their hair to make a fashion statement. Stacy speaks English & Bulgarian.

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