Don't Attack Syria! Stop Bombing Yemen!





Don't Attack Syria!
Stop Bombing Yemen!

U.S./Canada/NATO Hands Off: Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Libya, North Africa & the Middle East!

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On Friday, April 13, 2018, the US, UK and France bombed the sovereign country of Syria with over 130 cruise missiles in retaliation to the Syrian government alleged use of chemical weapons against their own people. This illegal and criminal attack by these war mongers means more pain and hardship for the people of Syria.

From Syria, Yemen, and Iraq to North Korea and Venezuela, the US-led war machine is escalating and expanding its path of death and destruction around the globe. Now more than ever, it is the time for peace-loving people in Vancouver and around the world to come together. We must continue to educate, organize and mobilize against imperialist wars and occupations. Join MAWO in the streets of Vancouver Friday May 11 as we demand:

Canada Cancel the Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia Now!
No to Islamophobia!
Self-Determination for Palestine! End the Occupation Now!
Money for Jobs, Healthcare, Education, Housing & Environment! Not for War and Occupation!
U.S. Hands Off North Africa and the Middle East!
No to War & Occupation! Yes to Self-Determination!
No to War & Occupation! No to Environmental Degradation!
Self-Determination for Indigenous Nations and All Oppressed Nations!