GoGo Penguin

"Jazz, techno, hip-hop and dubstep are glimpsed here, but for all the looping motifs and dance floor vibes, this is the work of three sure-footed improvisers with deep jazz roots" - The Guardian

Hailing from Manchester in the UK, Blue Note Records trio GoGo Penguin are pianist Chris Illingworth, bassist Nick Blacka, and drummer Rob Turner. Defined by skittering break-beats, powerful sub-bass, telepathic interplay, and a penchant for anthemic melody they create an emotionally rich palette, and are regarded as the most exciting band to emerge from the UK in years. The New York Times highlighted them as one of the 12 best bands at SXSW 2017.
Made in the UK.

Series: Granville Island Jazz

Price: $28


Places to go nearby approx. 15 minutes away