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The inaugural edition of Rupture is a showcase of innovative, odd and otherworldly films that bend rules, blend genres, explore inventive takes on venerable tropes and elude easy categorization. Running the gamut from the fantastical to the factual, the lineup boasts more hybrids than The Island of Doctor Moreau.

Headlining Rupture is the Western Canadian Premiere of Hereditary, the year's most anticipated horror film. Meanwhile, the singular coming-of-age body horror Blue My Mind has been making waves on the genre festival circuit, the stranger-than-fiction heist caper American Animals provides exhilarating entertainment and the Canadian Premiere of oddball oater Damsel reminds us that the midnight movie craze kicked off with a Western.

If that wasn't enough, Rupture will also feature a Creator Talk with David Lowery co-presented by STORYHIVE. Lowery's 2017 feature, A Ghost Story, was masterclass in haunting, handcrafted supernatural cinema. The showcase culminates with a truly one-time-only event: Self-Destructive Cinema will see nine new short films by Vancouver creators enjoy their World Premieres and then be wiped from existence.

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