Indian Summer Festival





Indian Summer Festival returns for its 8th year, bringing global arts and culture to venues across the city from July 5 to 15.

People have always longed to know where we come from, why the world came to be and why things are the way they are. And so for millennia, we have sat around fires, gathered under trees and in hillside amphitheatres, weaving stories that account for the unseen forces that shape our lives. Indian Summer Festival takes on this massive theme of ‘mythmaking,’ examining ten centuries of human imagination and storytelling.

This ‘festival for a curious mind’ presents a continent-spanning range of artists, from the inheritors of ancient oral storytelling traditions to genre-defying musicians, award-winning novelists, and provocative visual, performance and culinary artists. The 2018 lineup includes chef Vikram Vij, powerhouse super group Rajasthan Josh, host of CBC’s ‘Reclaimed’ Jarrett Martineau, CanLit luminary Charlotte Gill, Emmy and Juno Award-nominated music producer Adham Shaikh, Canadian visual artist Sandeep Johal, and legendary master flautist Hariprasad Chaurasia.

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Join us in what we promise will be the most eclectic, exciting and nourishing two weeks this summer!