Natalie Lefebvre Gnam, James Gnam © Evann Siebens. Design Atelier Mille Mille

i miss doing nothing






Performing Arts, Dance

Time is so weird now. It feels faster. Thicker. More gets done in less time and because of this, more is expected in less time. But also, there is less time spent doing nothing. Vancouver’s plastic orchid factory marks its 10th anniversary with i miss doing nothing, a 3-hour lived retrospective—installation that asks if we can experience time differently and in the process rediscover how to do nothing? Created and directed by dance artists, Natalie LeFebvre Gnam and James Gnam, in collaboration with Nancy Tam, James Proudfoot and Vanessa Goodman, i miss doing nothing will be performed at Left of Main over four summer afternoons in July. Dance, sound, light and architecture meet the uneven rhythms of memory recall, breath and attention to highlight sensations of time passing within our bodies and imaginations.