Peter Morin with Ayumi Goto, this is what happens when we perform the memory of the land, 2013. Documentation of performance. Photo: Ashok Mathur. Courtesy of the artists.

Ayumi Goto & Peter Morin: how do you carry the land?



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Ayumi Goto and Peter Morin: how do you carry the land? is a dialogue between two artists, presented via their individual and collaborative performance art practice. Goto and Morin’s work begins from thinking through their respective positions as a Japanese diasporic woman and Tahltan First Nations man in terms of deep ancestral knowledges and the ways in which their bodies and experiences are inscribed by colonialism. The exhibition weaves together a selection of Goto and Morin’s collaborative performances along with significant solo projects. Drawing from Tahltan Nation knowledge, drums, rattles, masks and other forms of cultural production are embedded with the potential to be re-activated in new contexts and in continuity with the past.

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