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Jen Weih and Vanessa Kwan | Other Sights for Artists' Projects, The Foreshore




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The 'foreshore' describes the land along the edge of the water that is both submerged and revealed by the tide. Very simply, it is the wet part of the beach. The foreshore is a place of unclear jurisdiction, and thus of contestation, friction, and constant movement. Those who dwell in this zone must continually adapt to a changing environment. The foreshore also conjures histories specific to this region: narratives of trade and exchange, habitation and nourishment, resistance and violent erasure. It might similarly evoke our contemporary lived situation in this place. Considering the potential of this zone as both concept and site, The Foreshore initiative asks the following: How do we generate conditions of emergence? How can we take up space differently? How do we support unruly practices and futures?
The Foreshore is a multi-year collaboration between Other Sights for Artists’ Projects and curator Kimberly Phillips, and is inspired by the deep influence of the waterways on our cities and societies on the West Coast. Artist Jen Weih and artist and curator Vanessa Kwan will speak about The Foreshore’s past and current projects.

This program is part of the Blue Cabin Speaker Series.
The Blue Cabin Speaker Series is supported by the Hamber Foundation.


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