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a group exhibition curated by Mini and Michael Gallerists, includes work by artists Donald Graham, Foster Eastman, michaelmichaelmichael, Mini Choi, Peter Kam, and Pieann Lee.

Fragments involves artists from the award winners of the Berlin International Film Festival to local Vancourites. From edible art to contemporary photography, the art exhibition is a fragmentation bomb of art and culture.

We live in a fragmented world devoid of true understanding of the world. Is our culture despairingly fractured? Is there a mixed sense of disillusionment, enchantment, and confusion in the fragments of our lives? A fragmentation bomb of images is being distorted, reframed, reconstructed, and decomposed. Artists are going to render, to deconstruct, to recompose these fragments in a fractious world.

Exhibition Opening: Friday, July 13th, 2018 ( 7pm - 9pm ) Exhibition Period: July 13th - July 21, 2018 ( Viewing by appointment only ) Foster Eastman Gallery, 1442 West Pender Street, Coal Harbour, Vancouver, BC.



The Artists:

- Donald Graham:

Donald Graham was headed into a career in art 45 years ago but instead, went off in other directions. However, he kept a hand in doing inspired creating in several fields and mediums.
He has now, for the past several years returned to art, inspired by the work of The New York School of abstract expressionism. Particularly Yves Klein and Jules Olitski.
Don works with colour and texture, incorporating cloth, burlap, plaster, paper, shellac, dye, paint, wax and metallic leaf.
Last year he was part of a meaningful exhibit to raise awareness of PTSD in the Canadian Military.
His work is in institutional and private collections.
Available pieces can be found on his website, he will eagerly accept commissions.


Foster Eastman:

Foster Eastman is a multi-disciplined artist whose work examines social and cultural issues often shrouded in taboo and stigma. Recent exhibits have considered diverse issues including the atrocities that occurred in China under Mao Tse-tung, the challenges returning Veterans from Afghanistan face as they reintegrate into civilian life as well as installations that leverage visual arts practices to give voice to those struggling with depression and suicide. Foster’s lestweforgetCANADA mural, created with Veterans and community members was featured at the National Day of Honour breakfast in May 2014 for families of the fallen hosted by the Prime Minister and during Remembrance Day week ceremonies at the Canadian War Museum. His most recent work teamed Veterans with First Nations master carver Xwalactun to carve a Tribute Pole which was exhibited during the month of November, 2015 along side the mural in Canada House, Trafalgar Square, UK. The Tribute Pole now joins their permanent collection. HRH Prince Harry and HRH Prince Andrew visited Canada House to view Foster’s collaborative works with Veterans.


- michaelmichaelmichael:

michaelmichaelmichael is a designer and a media artist, graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, a world leader in education and research, and studied at Regent College, an innovative graduate school of evangelical theology. michaelmichaelmichael is the co-founder of "Mini and Michael Gallerists" and "PRESS MINI", the cross-media business establishment airing since 2011, incorporated since 2008.

At Mini and Michael Gallerists, michaelmichaelmichael co-curated 70+ art exhibitions from Asia to North America.
PRESS MINI broadcasts lifestyle inspirations: culture, design, art, food, and travel. The projects promote and celebrate moments and choices via events, prints and screens.

As a creative director, michaelmichaelmichael worked in leading media and communication companies include Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Co., Ltd. , Television Broadcasting Limited, and PCCW Limited in Hong Kong.

As an artist, michaelmichaelmichael showed his works of art in Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, China, and Canada.


- Mini Choi:

Mini Choi is an interdisciplinary artist who has been working in painting, photography, videography, performance, mixed media, lyrics writing, broadcasting, editing and directing. Her creative practices are rich in aural, visual, and cultural gradations. Besides participating in many art exhibitions, Mini has also co-curated more than 75 art exhibitions, exhibited with more than two hundred artists. She is the co-founder of Mini and Michael Gallerists, PRESS MINI Magazine and Online Media. Mini has published five books and over three hundred lyrics, co-directed and produced music videos, TV shows, and documentaries. In her recent studio practice, Mini painted someone whom she interviewed. Graduated from Simon Fraser University, B.C. (BBA), studied fine arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, B.C., and studying the Master of Arts in Theological Studies with a concentration in Christianity and the Arts at Regent College, B.C., Mini's work reflects her research in theological studies. She continues to reflect her works theologically and explore the relationship between pop art and culture.


_ Peter Kam:

Peter Kam ( Chinese: 金培達 ) is an award-winning music composer for Hong Kong films including The Warlords, Bodyguards and Assassins and Dragon and many more. Kam is an eight-time winner at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Kam receives the Silver Bear Award for the best score for the music in Pang Ho-Cheung’s Isabella in the Berlin International Film Festival 2006. Born in 1961, he studied music at San Francisco State University and also at Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. Kam did his debut solo photo exhibition with Mini and Michael Gallerists in 2011. Kam exhibited his photo works in Hong Kong and various cities in China in solo and group exhibitions.


- Pieann Lee:

Pieann was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Vancouver. She always has a passion on arts and crafts, which guided her to setup an online craft shop to sell her work, and to become an owner of an art studio for 2 years. During her first encounter with glass-like 3D jelly cake, she was amazed on how foods can transcend into an edible work of art. Pieann then return to Asia and learn the techniques and skills from jelly cake masters. She will start her very first 3D jelly cake class this year.