Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party




$20 Adv / $25 Door



Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party EP release party.
After a few seasons hibernating and feverish lovemaking in their magical cave, Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party has emerged carrying a newborn baby; A brand new EP. Still naked, still screaming, and still covered in all the birthing glitter; but ready to be shared with the world.

For one night only at the Fox, this glamorous space delegation will be performing the requisite ceremonies to bless the child and send it out into this fabulous gay world we call earth. And we want you to join.

Come celebrate all your past and future birthdays in one sparkly night.

Come see our little baby, and show us yours. (but please don't bring live babies to the show we're speaking metaphorically)

Expect whimsy, wonder and whatnot. We'll tell you all our dirtiest secrets, while you sweat it out to the oldies and the new-ies.

With special guests:

Galen Allen :

Devours :

*$25 at the door

Places to go nearby approx. 15 minutes away