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"A ravishing portrait by filmmakers Ian Bonhote and Peter Ettedgui that amplifies over and over again the late designer’s stated aim with his shows — to provoke emotion, whether it be repulsion or exhilaration. At the same time, the film illuminates the deeply affecting personal details of a life that blazed with dangerous intensity only to be snuffed out by tragedy. In the crowded field of fashion docs, this one stands tall.

McQueen’s success as both tribute and investigation is due in large part to the filmmakers’ skill at balancing sensitivity with bold creative flourishes. They trace the rags-to-riches story of the chubby high school dropout from working-class East London, Lee Alexander McQueen, with genuine empathy, via the words of the man himself and candid interviews with several of the people closest to the late designer. But they also look behind the freaky catwalk theater that made him such a celebrated enfant terrible, portraying an artist with a relentless work ethic, an intuitive gift for tailoring, a joyful spirit of collaboration and a punky irreverence toward the rules of the fashion establishment.

McQueen is a haunting story of extravagant talent, restless creative energy and inescapable private sorrow, made with exquisite craftsmanship worthy of its subject. While a narrative biopic has been in development for years, this excellent documentary delivers an eye-popping, emotionally wrenching experience that paints a fully dimensional portrait of a complex artist." David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

"McQueen the designer delighted in showing us the skull beneath the skin. McQueen the documentary finds his beating pulse and broken heart." Tom Shone, Sunday Times

100% Fresh Rotten Tomatoes

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