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Don’t have time (or money) to fly to Serbia? This summer festival is the next best thing.

Serbian Days is back for its 28th consecutive year on September 1st and 2nd. Serbian Days is an annual celebration of food, entertainment, and family fun — from the famous “cevapi” sausages, roasted pork and lamb, to the live singers, dancers and bands on the Performance Stage.

Serbian Days admission is FREE, and it is attended by thousands of people of all ages from all areas of the Lower Mainland, as well as visitors from around the world.

Serbia is well-known for its grilled meats, homemade specialties and strong spirits, so expect to feast on cevapi (barbecued pork and veal sausages), pecenje (spit-roasted lamb and pork) as well as kolace and torte (homemade pastries and cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth). Whether you’re a newbie to Serbian food, don’t believe in portion control or simply want to have a fun-filled weekend, this Balkan-inspired tasting spree has something to offer. Wash it down with a selection of imported Serbian pivo (beer) and vino (wine) and soak up the surroundings as live music and traditional folklore dancing take over the main stage.

For one weekend only, the largest Serbian festival in Western Canada is taking over Vancouver. Saint Sava Serbian Community invites you to enjoy a weekend of exciting performances, live music, fun activities, delicious food, competitions and much more! Expect to taste, see and take part in some of the nation’s cultural delights.

Join us at 505 E 63rd Avenue on September 1st and 2nd to DISCOVER SERBIA!

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