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The Camping Guy



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Performing Arts, Comedy

If you like camping, or if you hate camping, you’re gonna LOVE The Camping Guy!

Winner: Best Play 2016 TheatreOne Competitive festival (SK)
“Crowds were thoroughly delighted” (The Shaunavon Standard, Sept. 26, 2017)

Stop the madness! Earl may have survived rock slides, knife wounds, wild animal attacks, and even an angry wife’s rants, but nothing has made him want to swallow an entire bottle of pain killer and slit his throat more that spending a weekend mentoring hapless newbie, Johnston.
Reminiscent of television’s and theater’s The Odd Couple, The Camping Guy follows the misadventures of Earl, an experienced woodsman, and Johnson, his inept city slicker client, as they spend a camping weekend in the wilds of the Rockies. What was intended to be a de-stressing weekend soon turns into a distressing one, as these two mismatched campers find themselves engaged in unintended and hilarious situations.

Male bonding has never been funnier or more dangerous!