Bloodfeud: Summer Vaycay



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Comedy, Performing Arts

We've had a long busy summer, and it's time for a break. Come and let us handle all the Bloodfeud business, so you don't have to. It's also real sunny out, so we're starting a bit later than normal.

In the first half we have #teamstandup to show what what you can make of doing comedy in dark bars late at night, just for the love of the game (and themselves).

Representing Team Standup:
Cassidy Anhorn
Randee Neumeyer
Ryan Gunther
Ryan Williams

In the second half, #teamimprov will be using the standup sets to inspire a wildly imaginative long form set. Using their extensive training in make-em-ups, they’ll show how magic is created from thin air.

Representing Team Improv:
Denea Campbell
Racquel Belmonte
Rae Lynn Carson
Ronald Dario
Ryan D. Anderson
William Dunn
(and maybe Carla Mah because there's too many people with R names)

Hosted by Matty Vu, Malcolm McLeod is on summer vaycay (how on brand)
Doors at 8:30
Show at 9:00

Tickets: $7 online, $10 at the door
*come to the early show Craft and the Furious: 2Craft 2Furious

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Places to go nearby approx. 15 minutes away