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This September, Ukama Gallery brings together two leading lights of the international art world. Against the multicultural backdrop of Vancouver, this meeting will highlight collaboration between artists who are uniquely emblematic of the rich artistic traditions of Canada and Zimbabwe. Dominic Benhura arrives in Vancouver as a preeminent representative of the world-renowned community of contemporary Zimbabwean stone sculptors. Ojibway artist IceBear comes to the project bringing artistic sensibilities informed by his heritage as a member of the Chippewas of Nawash at Cape Croker on the Bruce Peninsula.

Together, Benhura and IceBear will explore themes common to their respective traditions, themes which are more than ever relevant to our increasingly global human experience: community and environment. The artists will share stories, techniques and traditions, with each other and with the eclectic community of visitors to Granville Island. Synthesizing this experience, in the context of their distinct indigenous traditions, the artists will combine their talents to create a “Mother Earth” sculpture - an expression of our joined global community through collective local creativity.